City of Wyoming

April 10, 2017

TIF # 2 Public Meeting & Council Meeting

The Mayor called the Proposed TIF District No. 2, Public Meeting to order at 5:35

p.m.. Steven Kline President & CEO of The Economic Development Group, LTD.

addressed the group.

He first explained what a TIF District is and what it does. He gave all in attendance a

handout titled, How Does TIF Work? Other topics discussed was the Boundary of the

Proposed Redevelopment Project Area. Why the City wants to Establish a

Redevelopment Project Area. The current proposed area is made up of 130 continuous

property areas with 28 parcel from TIF #1. (TIF#1 was established on October 10,

2005, ref. Ordinance 05/06-10,11 & 12 and it ends on December 31, 2028.)

He reminded the group we are in the earlier stages of the study. A public hearing

will most likely be held in June. He then opened up the floor for questions and

discussion. (Note, a sign in sheet was maintained along with and audio recording.)

The Public Meeting was adjourned 6:15 p.m.

The Council Meeting was called to order by Mayor Pat Maher at 6:35 p.m. (The

audio recorder was again turned on.) The Wyoming, Illinois City Council met Monday,

April 10, 2017 at City Hall, located at 108 E. Williams Street, in a regular session.

Mayor Maher was presiding with Aldermen Dave Lindahl and Ryan Breese of the

Second Ward with Aldermen Daniel Hardman and Steve Hansard of the Third Ward,

present. (Alderwomen Rosemary Knowles and Kathy Hardy of the First Ward was


Minutes from the March 13 th Regular Session Council Meeting and the March 21 st

Water & Sewer Committee Meeting were reviewed. The motion was made to

approve the minutes as presented by Ald. Hansard and seconded by Ald. Breese. Voice

votes all ayes and the minutes were approved.

The Treasurer’s Report and Bills were reviewed. The Treasurer’s Report showed a

General Operation and CDs balance of $2,026,465.53. The motion was made by Ald.

Hardman to authorize Treasurer Kathy Carter to pay all the bills listed on the City

of Wyoming Board Listing dated 4/10/17. Along with the bills submitted that night.

Brenntag invoice BMS620656 for $1,827.46 and Saw N Logs Tree Service for invoice

received 4/10/17 for $275.00, Locis invoice 38597 for $303.09 and JC Cross Co. invoice

$2,916.00. The motion was seconded by Ald. Breese. Roll call votes all ayes and the

motion was carried.

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Minutes 4/10/17

Public Discussion, Paula King and Julie Wages representing the Stark County

After Prom Committee 2017 requested a donation. Paula told how the money is

used with an average of 100 kids attending. She did say the prices of everything is

going up and donations are down. The motion was made by Ald. Breese to donate

$750 to the After Prom Committee. This was seconded by Ald. Lindahl. Roll call votes

all ayes and the motion was carried.

Dennis Rewerts Economic Development Advisor will be contacting our Senior

Living People and start pushing to get the ball rolling again on that project.

On the Paramount building, a plumber was checking it out tonight to see what is

needed to get a bathroom into that building. The History and Art Association is

wanting to start holding events in the theater this summer.

Engineer Justin Reese from the Farnsworth Group, was absent from the meeting.

Greg McCauley of McCauley’s Water Services who Manages the R/O and

Wastewater Treatment Plants, said the leak found and fixed has brought the

amount of water through the plant down but the amount is still high. After

reviewing the quotes received from M.E. Simpson Co. and American Leak Detection.

The motion was made by Ald. Lindahl to hire American Leak Detection to check for

leaks. This was seconded by Ald. Hansard. Roll call votes all ayes and the motion was


Chief of Police Mark James said they had, 3 arrests, 1 citation, 5 assist and 7

traffic stops. The council talked with him about the clean up of various properties

around town. Some have improved and some still needs more work. The Mayor

said he is getting tired of receiving complaints about properties around the City. The

council did praise the Police Dept. on some of the vehicles that have been moved.

It was noted that Clean Up Day is May 8 th . And the guidelines for the cleaning up

are published in the Prairie Shopper, and a handout is available at City Hall.

City Attorney Bruce Fehrenbacher, was absent from the meeting.

City Superintendent Joe Kinsella, submitted his report and said there are new toilets

and sinks in the restrooms at Thomas Parks. And the parks all have all been

rolled. They have been working on ditches and alleys. He said he has rock but low

on patch at this time.

The council discussed at length the replacement of the backhoe and skid steer which

was also discussed at last month’s meeting. The motion was made by Ald. Hansard to

authorize the purchase and trade in of our 2011 Caterpillar Model 416E Backhoe

with a trade in value of $48,000 for a 2017 Case 580SNWT with a 2017 Helac

Power installed at a cost of $93,900. Due on Delivery $45,900. And a 2013 John

Deere 320D Skid Steer with a trade in value of $22,750 for a 2017 Case SR240 for

$44,250. Due on Delivery $21,500. From Birkey’s Construction Equipment from

Bloomington, Illinois. The motion was seconded by Ald. Breese. Roll call votes all ayes

and the motion was carried. To be paid from 1/3 from Water, Sewer and General


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The Mayor and Joe Kinsella inspected the property at 503 W. Elm Street with the

Real Estate Broker Merle Ice for Wells Fargo. Mayor Maher recommendation that the

house is taken down and the double lots are auctioned off. Per the City Clerk the

online application has been completed. Just waiting to be notified of what is

needed next to complete the donation.

The motion was made by Ald. Breese to adjourn the meeting. It was seconded by Ald.

Hardman. Voice votes all ayes and the meeting was adjourned at 7:16 p.m.

Minutes submitted by,

Judy St. John

City Clerk