City of Wyoming
October 9, 2017
Council Meeting

The Council Meeting was called to order by Mayor Pat Maher at 6:30 p.m. (The audio recorder was turned on.)
The Wyoming, Illinois City Council met Monday, October 9, 2017 at City Hall. Located at 108 E. Williams Street, in a
Regular Session. Mayor Maher was presiding with Alderwoman Kathy Hardy of the First Ward. Aldermen Dave
Lindahl and Ryan Breese of the Second Ward with Alderman Daniel Hardman and Steve Hansard of the Third
Ward, all present.
Minutes from September 11 th Regular Session Council Meeting and the October 3 rd TIF Committee Meeting
were reviewed. The motion was made to approve the minutes as presented by Ald. Breese and seconded by Ald.
Hansard. Voice votes all ayes and the minutes were approved.
The Treasurer’s Report and Bills were reviewed. The Treasurer’s Report showed a General Operation and
CDs balance of $1,906,040.90. The motion was made by Ald. Hardman to authorize Treasurer Kathy Carter to
pay all the bills listed on the City of Wyoming Board Listing dated 10/09/17. The motion was seconded by Ald.
Breese. Roll call votes all ayes and the motion was carried.
Bebe Groter who lives at 305 Henderson St. requested a donation for Toys for Tots. Last year they had 30
families with 71 kids. All have Wyoming addresses so the money stays in Wyoming. They purchase a toy and
clothing items for each child, age appropriate. The money is also used to purchase milk and meals at school for the
children. The motion was made by Ald. Hansard to donate $3,500 and seconded by Ald. Hardy. Roll call votes all
ayes and the motion was carried. The group thanked Bebe for all her hard work.
Chad Patel who lives at 300 N. 7 th addressed the Council on a new business which will be located at 103 N. 7 th
Street. He proposed having a Lounge and Gaming Parlor with five Slot Machines. After much discussion over the
type of liquor license available he will be given a Class B Liquor License. Which is for retail sale of beer and wine
for consumption on the premises where sold. At a cost of $200 annually and Class M for Video Gaming License at
a $25 annual cost. The council had a report of who has what Licenses in Wyoming and the amount of Gaming Taxes
received monthly. Mayor Maher had called another rural City to see how their Gaming Room is doing and had no
complains. The consensus of the council was that it was OK to proceed. He was given an application for the licenses.
Economic Development Advisor Dennis Rewerts said that John Taylor who owns
both buildings at 101 & 103 N. 7 th Street. Is submitting a TIF Applicant for replacement of 11 windows at a
cost of around $11,600. At 101 N. 7 th Street there will possible be a new consignment store. The woman who will
be running it has store currently in Chillicothe, but has moved near Wyoming and wants to start one here.

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Minutes 10/9/17
Dennis gave everyone a copy of the Paramount News telling a lot about the status of work being done,
upcoming events being held there and thanking donors, etc. A copy can be obtained at City Hall.
Greg McCauley Manager of the R/O and Wastewater Treatment Plants and
Engineer Justin Reese from the Farnsworth Group, discussed improvements at the Wastewater Treatment
Plant. Justin handed out a sheet titled, Improvement Priorities. It gave estimated cost of various improvements.
Illinois EPA Funding information and a estimated sewer rate increase. It was noted the last rate increase was water
rates in 2009. Justin is going to contact the USDA for possible funding available.
City Superintendent Joe Kinsella, said they are still working on cleaning ditches. He told while cleaning a ditch at
516 N. Madison they hit a Mediacom cable. Joe has been in contact with them about the Damage Investigation
Findings and the cost to repair. He felt the bill was excessive and protested the bill for $3,143. It was decided by
the council to turn the bill into the City’s insurance company so their adjustors can negotiate the bill.
Chief of Police Mark James submitted his written report to the council. His department had 55 calls, 11 traffic
stops, 8 assist and 8 arrest. He has been working on digitizing the Police Department. He has all the reports for
the last five years now on the computer and backed up. He will be attending a class on October 31 st on liquor
licenses, inspection and enforcement. But will be back before 5:00 p.m. As Halloween will be celebrated in
Wyoming on Tuesday, October 31 st from 5 to 7 p.m.
City Attorney Bruce Fehrenbacher gave his report and said he did have some of the Petition for Annexation done.
Papers were served on the owners of 601 N. Galena and was given a clean up date. After that the City will
proceed with legal action.
On the property at 503 W. Elm, Alderman and Fireman Dan Hardman said they will have to burn it down on a
Saturday and unsure when that will be done. Therefore, the
motion was made by Ald. Hansard and seconded by Ald. Breese to table the Ordinance Directing the Sale of Real
Estate known as 503 W. Elm. Voice votes all ayes and the motion was carried.
The TIF Committee made the recommendation to approve a TIF Grant to Ryle Irish for 106 N. 7 th Street. He had
requested $5,200. The motion was made by Ald. Hardman to give him a Grant of $3,000 from the TIF Fund.
This was seconded by Ald. Lindahl. Roll call votes all ayes and the motion was carried. This information will be sent
onto our Economic Advisors for a Redevelopment Agreement to be drawn up.
The motion was made by Ald. Hansard to adjourn the meeting. This was seconded by Ald. Hardy. Voice votes all
ayes and the meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.
Minutes submitted by,
Judy St. John
City Clerk