City of Wyoming   

March  12, 2018

Council Meeting     

The Council Meeting was called to order by Mayor Pat Maher at 6:30 p.m. (The audio recorder was turned on.) The Wyoming, Illinois City Council met Monday, March  12, 2018 at City Hall. Located at 108 E. Williams Street, in a Regular Session. Mayor Maher was presiding with Alderwoman Kathy Hardy of the First Ward. Aldermen Dave Lindahl and Ryan Breese of the Second Ward with Aldermen Daniel Hardman and Steve Hansard of the Third Ward, all present.

Minutes from the February 12th Regular Session Council Meeting were reviewed.

The motion was made to approve the minutes as presented by Ald. Breese and seconded by Ald. Hansard. Voice votes all ayes and the minutes were approved.

The Treasurer’s Report and Bills were reviewed. The Treasurer’s Report showed a General Operation and CDs balance of $2,199,583.19. The motion was made by Ald. Hansard to authorize Treasurer Kathy Carter to pay all the bills listed on the City of Wyoming Board Listing dated 3/12/18 and the other bills that were submitted the night of the meeting. Which were, Advance Asphalt Company invoice 194295 for $358.50 and Hodge’s Towing and Recovery invoice 1521 for $303.27. The motion was seconded by Ald. Hardy. Roll call votes all ayes and the motion was carried.

Jenni Davis representing Stark County After Prom Committee told the council what new attractions will be at the event. For the past 16 years they have worked hard to establish a safe event for the students following their prom. The motion was made by Ald. Breese to donate $750.00. This was seconded by Ald. Lindahl. Roll call votes all ayes and the motion was carried. She was thanked by the council for their good work.  

Crystal West representing the Stark County Elementary School Parents’ Club requested a donation. The sole purpose of the Club is to strength the students’ educational experience through different opportunities. This year they will be giving grants to various teachers and scholarships for students. The Parents’ Club with hold their 7th annual auction on Saturday, April 7, 2018. The motion was made by Ald. Hansard to donate $500.00. This was seconded by Ald. Hardman. Roll call votes all ayes and the motion was carried. She was thanked as well by the council and told to keep up the good work.

Jeff Troutman addressed the council during the  public discussion about holding a fund raiser for Princeville’s Troutman Park. He with the help of Trent and Patty Frisby, of The Lounge located at 103 N. 7th St.,  would like to hold the event at the 4-H Junior Fairground.  They want to hold it on Saturday, September 15th during Stark County’s Fall Festival. Starting about midday until midnight.  They planned on selling beer at the event and wanted to know what they needed to obtain a Special Event Liquor License from the City. (They were given a copy of the Ordinance.). Some concerns discussed was the coverage of the Police for all the events happening that weekend. The noise from the band as there is close residents. Jeff Troutman is to be place on the April’s Agenda with more information to share with the Council.  

Adam Jaquet from Eagle Enterprise Recycling Inc. addressed the council and went over their proposal on the renewal for recycling in the City of Wyoming. The council received the information in their council meeting packets. Added to the program is Electronic recycling. This will provide residential electronics collection as a front step/side door service. Collection will be done one time per month and by request only. Residents will be required to call Eagle Enterprises Recycling, Inc. to request pick ups. Only those residents who request a pick up will receive service for that month. Residents will be instructed to place electronics at the base of a front porch or in the driveway, but not all the way to the curb to discourage scrapping. These items are banned from all landfills in the state of Illinois. Only individual residents recycling electronics from their own home would be eligible for this service. All other entities (businesses, school, churches, organizations, etc.) are not covered by the Original Equipment Manufacturer funding and have to be charged. The motion was made by Ald. Hardman to approve the Curbside Recycling Contract with the City at a  cost of $3.82 per household for the next five years. And to start April 1, 2018. This was seconded by Ald. Hardy. Roll call votes all ayes and the motion was carried.

Economic Development Advisor Dennis Rewerts reported that he and Chief Mark James had sat down and discussed the Safety Grant through FMC.

Engineer Justin Reese from the Farnsworth Group along with his Junior Assistant Addison Reese, updated the council on the status of the working being done on the WWTP Improve Project as far as paperwork required.

Engineers Justin Reese, Joe Adams and Superintendent Joe Kinsella are going to drive all the streets this Friday to get ready for MFT 2018.

Greg McCauley Manager of the R/O and Wastewater Treatment Plants said he is  working with  Preoxy Chem on Seasonal Disinfection. Which he does from May to September on the discharge from the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

City Superintendent Joe Kinsella, said they will be Flushing Hydrants on Thursday, March 29th. This will be in the Prairie Shopper.

Chief of Police Mark James submitted his report. His department had 42 calls, 5 traffic stops, 5 assists and 2 arrests. Mark reported that he is getting pricing from several Towing Agencies and setting up an agreement to have them take any vehicles that we impound to their lot.

Mark had priced Portable Breath Testers after review with the Council. The motion was made by Ald. Hardy to purchase an Alco Sensor FST at the amount of $555.00. This was seconded by Ald. Hardman. Roll call votes all ayes and the motion was carried.

He said that all of his Department has been certified to handle Narcon but on April 13th they will need to take another hour class before they can receive that drug.

City Attorney Bruce Fehrenbacher was asked what the status was on the property at 601 N. Galena. Bruce said that Marcus Lewis, one of the owners had contacted him about fixing it up. The council’s consensus was that they are tired of receiving continuous complains on the property to proceed legally as instructed.

The motion was made by Ald. Hardman to adjourn the meeting. This was seconded by Ald. Hardy. Voice votes all ayes and Addison Reese struck the gavel and the meeting was adjourned at 7:44 p.m.  

Minutes submitted by,

Judy St. John

City Clerk