City of Wyoming
Tuesday May 26, 2020
Venue: Paramount Theater 108 S. 7
th St.
Video Conferencing through “ZOOM”
Special Council Meeting

The Council Meeting was called to order by Mayor Pat Maher at 6:11 p.m.
(The Zoom Video Conference application records the meeting) The Wyoming,
Illinois City Council met Tuesday, May 26, 2020 via remote access on
Zoom in a Special Session.
Mayor Maher was presiding with Alderwomen Ginger Carlisle and Kathy
Hardy of the First Ward, Aldermen Ryan Breese and Dave Lindahl of the
Second Ward, and Aldermen Daniel Hardman and Steve Hansard of the
Third Ward, all present.
City Treasurer, Lisa Evans informed the Council that she received a
request from Pastor Joe Hamilton to useThomas Park for short church
services on Sunday mornings during the Covid-19 restrictions. The
Council needed to research and get back to him.
City Engineer Justin Reeise presented an opportunity for the City to
apply for the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic
Opportunity “Fast Grant” from the Rebuild Illinois program. This is
funded by state funds as included in the 2019 Capital Bill. The funds are
to be used for community development projects that will include
improvements to the City of Wyoming wastewater treatment plant. He
stated the Grant application requires a minimum of $500,000 to a
maximum of $5 Million. The amount the City of Wyoming would apply for
is $1.8 Million and the application is due June 15, 2020. Justin explained
that one of the requirements of this Grant is that we break ground within
90 days and must complete the project within 2 years. He added that
this Grant does not require a match of funds. Justin proposed the
Farnsworth Group prepare the application for the City at a cost not to
exceed $4000.00. The motion was made by Ald. Hansard to approve the
Farnsworth Group to prepare the (DECO) “Fast Grant” application for
the City of Wyoming at a cost not to exceed $4,000. The motion was
seconded by Ald. Hardman. Roll call votes all ayes and the motion
Mayor Maher stated that on May 20, 2020, Governor Pritzker announced
updates to Phase 3 re-opening plan for the State of Illinois. The City will
be assisting the businesses in town in any way they can to help with the
Phase 3 transition, including blocking off parking spaces and supplying picnic
tables for those who need the extra outdoor seating.
Denny Rewerts mentioned we should ask the businesses if their insurance
covers outdoor service.

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Minutes from 5/26/2020


Mayor Maher presented the Council with an Ordinance Directing The
Sale Of Real Estate. Property address: 503 W. Elm St. (PIN) 07-02-208-
003. The motion was made by Ald. Breese to approve the Ordinance for
the sale of City property at 503 W. Elm St and seconded by Ald. Carlisle.
Roll call votes all ayes and the motion carried.
(Ordinance No. 20/21-2)
Ald. Ryan asked for the status on fixing the sidewalk in front of The Whip.
Mayer Maher said we will have City Superintendent, Joe Kinsella look it over
and repair broken areas near The Whip.
There have been many complaints of mowed grass clippings on the
streets in town.
Mayor Maher directed the City Clerk to run a notice in the local paper of
the City Ordinance regarding fines under the Litter Control Act’
Motion to Adjourn was made by Ald. Hardy and seconded by Ald.
Breese. Voice votes all ayes and the meeting adjourned at 6:50 p.m.

Minutes submitted by,

Diane Baker,
City Clerk

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Minutes from 5/26/2020