City of Wyoming
July 13, 2020
Venue: Paramount Theater
with Video Conferencing via “ZOOM”
Council Meeting

A Public Meeting for the Proposed TIF District No. 2 began at 5:30pm
and was presented by Paul Ostrosky of the Economic Development
Group, Ltd to allow public discussion. This meeting was held prior to the
Regular Council Meeting. The detailed information is attached. The
minutes were recorded on the Zoom application.
The Regular Council Meeting was called to order by Mayor Pat Maher at
5:56 p.m. (The Zoom application records the meeting) The Wyoming,
Illinois City Council met Tuesday, July 13, 2020 at the Paramount
Theater located at 104 S. 7th, Wyoming, IL.
Mayor Maher was presiding with Alderwomen Kathy Hardy and Ginger
Carlisle of the First Ward, Aldermen Ryan Breese and Dave Lindahl of
the Second Ward, and Aldermen Daniel Hardman and Steve Hansard of
the Third Ward were present.
Minutes from the June 08, 2020 Regular Council Meeting, including the
Executive Session Minutes, were reviewed . The motion was made by
Ald. Carlisle to approve the minutes as presented. This was seconded
by Ald. Hansardl. Roll call votes all ayes and the motion carried.
The Treasurer’s Report and Bills were reviewed. The Treasurer’s Report
showed a General Operation and CDs balance of $1.912,443.66. The
motion was made by Ald. Hardman to authorize Treasurer Lisa Evans to
pay all the bills listed on the City of Wyoming Board Listing dated
7/13/2020 and the other bills that were submitted the night of the meeting.

Which were; Princeville Tire Solutions LLC invoice 26887 for $119.00, Saw-n-
Logs invoice for $2850.00, Wigand Disposal Co. invoice 463062 for $79.60,

and Harn R/O Systems Inc invoice IN-877 for $2825.00.The motion was
seconded by Ald. Breese. Roll call votes all ayes and the motion was carried.
Lisa also presented the Engagement letter for Hjerpe and Tennison with
the estimate of not more than $9.600.00 for the City’s annual audit. Lisa
reported that the previous two years cost the City $8000.00 each year. After
some discussion, a motion was made by Ald. Breese to renew the
Auditor’s Agreement with Hjerpe & Tennison not to exceed $9,600.00.
The motion was seconded by Ald. Hardy. Roll call votes all ayes and the
motion was carried.

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Minutes from 7/13/2020


Public Discussion: Tammy Wilkinson, addressed the Council regarding an
unsafe sidewalk in from of her residence that needs to be repaired. Mayor
Maher and Superintendant Joe Kinsella said they would look at it and have it
She also had major complaints regarding the vacant property of 408 N. Main
that borders her back yard. She has lived at her residence for 37 years and
this property has always been a problem. The house is caving in and
dangerous to the community. It is attracting animals that end up in their back
yard and feral cats have been a problem in the past.
Tammy requested the City consider condemning the property as soon as
Mayer Maher responded that the City has been working on condemning
and demolishing this property.
City Superintendent, Joe Kinsella: Troy Kirgan, with Mid Century
Cooperative, addressed the Council regarding boring that would be done
through Wyoming to install fiber optic cable between Princeville and Toulon.
He presented the Council with a map of the city with the route they will be
boring. The project would be an initial step toward Mid Century providing fiber
optic internet for Wyoming if 30-35% of the neighborhoods show interest. The
City can go to for more information.
As a follow up to last month’s meeting, Joe informed the Council that to
replace and reroute the storm sewer between N. Galena and N. 7th Street
would cost approximately $8000.00. This would also save all of the trees
on that property.
He also wanted to thank the Fire Department for helping remove the
large tree on 1st

Street after the storm that went through the area.
City Engineer Justin Reeise announced that the City had received the
first “Rebuild Illinois MFT” installment of $15,000.00 and should
continue to receive $15,000.00 twice a year for the next three years.
Justin stated that he will attend a Zoom meeting regarding the Stark County
FEMA Floodplain Mapping Project. He will report back to us at the next
Council Meeting.
Mayor Maher mentioned he received a letter from State Representative,
Ryan Spain, that the City of Wyoming has been designated for
$150,000.00 for water infrastructure improvements. Justin will check to
see when it will be received.
Justin also reported that he needs to meet with City Attorney, Mike
Evans, to complete the the Ordinance for the IEPA Waste Water
Improvement Project.

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Minutes from 7/13/2020

City Attorney Mike Evans reported that he is working on 601 N Galena
that still has taxes due on the property. The Mayor stated he wants the
paperwork done to be able to sell the property. He proposed the City put

the Locker property (103 N Galena) on hold due to the costs involved in
condemning and demolishing the building. Mayor Maher agreed. Lastly,
is getting the Annexed Unhold & AgView properties on the County
records. Mike will all done for the next Council Meeting, which will be
July 27, 2020.
Economic Development Denny Rewerts announced that Saturday 7/18/20
Julie Wages will be doing a run for St. Jude between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.
There will be Sidewalk sales at the local businesses with donations going to
St. Jude. He encouraged all to attend and cheer on the racers and the
He reported Doug Haffner has 2 murals left to do. One of the new businesses
in town, Curry’s Pizza, is doing excellent and they just purchased the building
they are in!
Chief of Police, Mark James reported that he had 15 calls, 1 arrest, and 3
Mayor Maher stated that there will be a Council Meeting scheduled for
July 27, 2020.
One of the urgent tasks that need to be completed is voting on the
Annual Budget & Tax Appropriations Ordinance that Mike Evans needs
to file with the county by July 31, 2020.
Water and Sewer Manager, Greg McCauley reported he is in the process of
repairing the new screen and ordered a basket with 8 millimeter holes for the
Ald. Hansard made the motion to go into Executive Session regarding
Personnel and seconded by Ald. Hardy. Executive Session began at
6.50 p.m.
Regular Session returned from Executive Session at 7:03 p.m.
A motion was made by Ald. Hardy to accept the 3-year Proposal from Greg
McCauley for Manager of Water and Sewer Plant. This was seconded by
Ald. Lindahl. Roll call votes all ayes and the motion carried.
Mayor and Alderperson’s: Ald. Breese conveyed that Trent Frisby
appreciated the new sidewalk in front of the “The Whip”. The City boys did a
great job.
Ald. Carlisle asked about a mud truck that sits near the Veterinary Clinic
parking area. It has been there for a long time and is an eye sore. It was
mentioned that the vehicle does have a license plate on it and as long as the
owner has a current registration there isn’t anything we can do about it at this

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Minutes from 7/13/2020

Ald. Hardman mentioned that in March and April they replaced two downtown
lights with LED bulbs. Each one was a different bulb. One light was in front of

City Hall and the other was near Ann Rennick’s office. He asked the council to
look at both lights, including one across from Casey’s General Store, that
currently have different bulbs in them. Some are brighter than others and he
would like to know which we prefer.
He mentioned that there are a couple of lights out on top of the water tower.
The City Clerk will look for the specs on the bulbs needed.
He updated the council on the sidewalk and tree in front of the Berchtold
residence. After reviewing the situation along with Mayor Maher, Joe Kinsella,
they decided to remove the sidewalk and trim the tree.

Motion to Adjourn was made by Ald. Hardy and seconded by Ald. Lindahl.
Voice votes all ayes and the meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m.
Minutes submitted by,

Diane Baker
City Clerk

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Minutes from 7/13/20