City Council Meeting Agenda
for Monday September 14, 2020
1) Roll Call
2) Approval of Regular City Council Minutes and Executive Session
Minutes from August 10, 2020.
3) Treasurer’s Reports and Bills.
a) Health Insurance renewal
b) CD update
4) Public Discussion, Visitors’ comments – By Council Policy, a person
wishing to address the council will be recognized by the Mayor. It is asking that if
possible, a person wishing to address the council notify City Hall or council prior to the
meeting. The topic to be addressed should be given. A person addressing the council will
be allowed a maximum of five minutes.
5) City Attorney Michael Evans
a) Required Sexual Harassment Course
b) Wastewater Treatment Plant Annexation
c) Update on Hoffman property, 408 N Main

6) Economic Development Advisor – Denny Rewerts
a) TIF 2 Booklets
b) Update on Concession Stand at ball park
c) North Central Illinois Council of Governments meeting
regarding DECO CURE program
7) City Engineer, Justin Reeise – Engineering Report
8) Superintendent – Joe Kinsella
9) Water and Sewer Manager – Greg McCauley

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10) Mayors Report:
a) On Wednesday Sept 30, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., Mid Century
will be in front of the Paramount passing out packets with
costs and information regarding fiber optics to residents
that are interested.
b) Offices up for election on April 6, 2021;
Mayor – Pat Maher
City Clerk – Judy St. John
Ward 1-Ginger Carlisle
Ward 2-Ryan Breese
Ward 3-Dan Hardman
The first day of petition circulation is September 22. The filing
period is December 14th – 21st

11) Police Chief, Mark James
a) Department Policy
12) Executive Session – Personnel
Motion _________________
Second _________________
13) Alderperson’s Report

14) Adjourn

Possible action may be taken on all issues listed above.
“This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.”