City of Wyoming
January 11, 2021
Venue: Paramount Theater
including Video Conferencing via “ZOOM”

Council Meeting

The Regular Council Meeting was called to order by Mayor Pat Maher at 6:00 p.m. (The
Zoom application records the meeting) The Wyoming, Illinois City Council met Monday,
January 11, 2021 at the Paramount Theater located at 104 S. 7 th , Wyoming, IL along with the
Zoom application.
Mayor Maher was presiding with Alderwomen Ginger Carlisle and Kathy Hardy of the First
Ward, Aldermen Ryan Breese and Dave Lindahl of the Second Ward, and Aldermen Daniel
Hardman and Steve Hansard of the Third Ward were present.
Minutes from the December 14, 2020 Regular Council Meeting and Executive Session were
reviewed. The motion to approve the minutes was made by Ald. Hansard and seconded by
Ald. Lindahl. Voice votes all ayes and the motion carried.
The Treasurer’s Report and Bills were reviewed. The Treasurer’s Report showed a General
Operation and CDs balance of $2,215,736.30. The motion was made by Ald. Carlisle to
authorize Treasurer Lisa Evans to pay all the bills listed on the City of Wyoming Board
Listing dated 01/11/2021 and the bills that were submitted the night of the meeting. Which
were Eagle Enterprises Recycling, Inc. Statement 01/05/21 for $2284.36, Jolliff Glass Co.
invoice 1-71854 dated 01/07/2021 for $75.00, Julie, Inc. invoice 2021-1924 dated 01/06/2021
for $349.68, Walmart receipt dated 01/05/2021 for $62.79, and Princeville Automotive, Inc.
Invoice 40099 dated 01/08/2021 for $107.62. The motion was seconded by Ald. Hansard.
Roll call votes all ayes and the motion was carried.
Public Discussion & Visitor’s Comments: There was no public discussion at this meeting.
Economic Development Advisor, Denny Rewerts gave a presentation of the latest preliminary
sketch for the Senior Living Facility. This gives the council an idea of what we are working
towards. It includes both one bedroom and two bedroom unit options, garages, storage rooms, a
community room, and courtyard. The design would allow for a small medical facility to be added to
the existing building. The City will continue to work towards getting a medical facility in Wyoming.
The Mayor informed the Council there will be another Council meeting tentatively
scheduled for Monday, January 25, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. This meeting will be located at the
Paramount Theater along with the use of Zoom.
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Minutes from 01/11/2021

Chief of Police, Mark James reported 31 calls, 5 traffic stops, 4 arrests, and 3 assists.
He took the Tahoe in to Princeville Automotive to repair a tire and do an oil change. They
determined that it needs new brakes, rotors and 2 rear tires. The Ford truck will also need tire
replacements. He will take care of both vehicles this month.
Mark also announced he received the Grant check for the protective vests. The officers will be
measured for the new vests on January 26, 2021.
Alderperson’s report: Ald. Carlisle was very happy to see the new orange safety cone at the
cross walk in front of the Congregational Church. This will make the crossing much safer for our
Ald. Hardy received complaints about the Garbage & Recycling schedule being confusing during
the holiday season. City Clerk Diane Baker stated that the City’s website is currently being
updated and will include the garbage schedule and any changes that may occur.
Motion to Adjourn was made by Ald. Hansard and seconded by Ald. Hardman. Voice votes
all ayes and the meeting adjourned at 6:29 p.m.

Minutes submitted by,

Diane Baker
City Clerk