City of Wyoming

                                                            July 12, 2021

                                                          Venue: Paramount Theater

                                                  Council Meeting


The Regular Council Meeting was called to order by Mayor Pat Maher at 6:00 p.m. (The audio recorder was turned on) The group in attendance Pledged their Allegiance to the Flag.

The Wyoming Illinois City Council met Monday July 12, 2021, at the Paramount Theater located at 104 S. 7th, Wyoming, IL.


Mayor Maher was presiding with Alderwoman Kathy Hardy of the First Ward, Aldermen Dave Lindahl and James Mercer of the Second Ward, and Aldermen Daniel Hardman of the Third Ward were present. Alderwomen Ginger Carlisle of the First Ward and Alderman Steve Hansard of the Third Ward were absent.


Minutes from the June 14, 2021, Regular Council Meeting and Executive Meeting, the June 3, 2021, TIF Committee Meeting, the July 1, 2021 Finance Committee Meeting regarding the Annual Budget, and the July 1, 2021 TIF Committee Meeting were reviewed. The motion to approve the minutes was made by Ald. Hardman and seconded by Ald. Lindahl.  Roll call votes all ayes and the motion carried.


The Treasurer’s Report and Bills were reviewed. The Treasurer’s report showed a General Operations and CD’s balance of $2,143,867.05. The motion was made by Ald. Hardy to authorize Treasurer Lisa Evans to pay all bills listed on the City of Wyoming Board Listing dated 7/12/21 and the extra bills that were submitted the night of the meeting. Which were the Eagle Enterprises Recycling, Inc. statement dated 7/1/21 for $2284.36, Hinkley Springs invoice 2717749 dated 7/10/21 for $3.50, and Wigand Disposal Company invoice 4985969 dated 7/01/21 for $90.72.

The motion was seconded by Ald. Mercer. Roll call votes all ayes and the motion was carried.


Public Discussion & Visitor’s comments:

Lions Club representative, Ald. Dan Hardman informed the City that they will have a free fun event for the children of the community on August 12, 2021, at the Thomas Park from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. They will have bouncy houses and fun games and plan on inviting churches and other groups to attend. No food will be served. Drinks will be provided. The Mayor and Council thought this was a great event for the children of our community.


Ferguson Waterworks Representative T.J. Rodenbaugh presented a proposal for upgrading the City to the Neptune 360 Automatic Meter Reading System. The new software is compatible with our LOCIS billing system. The City would need a smart phone or tablet to read the meters. 

The total Proposal amount is $6,843.14 which includes an annual fee of $2,266.19. Everything is stored on Amazon Cloud which is better security. The current handheld the city uses to read meters was purchased in 2009 for $7,000.00. It is now obsolete, and the renewal date is January 2022. The Council will review all the information provided and contact other municipalities that are currently using this new system. They will vote at a later Council Meeting.


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Minutes from 07/12/2021


Farnsworth Group Engineer Ed Andrews filled in for our new Engineer Josh Brown. Josh will be replacing Justin Reeise who has taken a position as Public Works Director for the City of Pekin. Ed informed the Council that the IEPA loan is still in the works at this time. We are still waiting on the final approval from IDOT on the low bid for MFT from Porter Brothers Construction for Seal Coat. 

Attorney Michael Evans Report: The liens for the Locker Plant and Hoffman property have been filed. Mike has been talking with the Lawyer for the 119 E. Williams property. The owners asked for 30days to talk to Amy Stutzman, owner of Spoon River Bowl, to work out a solution. Mike thought this was reasonable and will follow up with their lawyer.

Mike presented an Ordinance describing costs and permits for excavating or drilling anywhere in the City limits Right-of-Way. This was all discussed at last month’s Council Meeting. A motion was made by Ald. Hardman to accept the Excavating & Other Use of City Right of Way Ordinance No. 21/22-3. The motion was seconded by Ald. Mercer. Roll call votes all ayes and the motion was carried. Mike also mentioned he had a discussion with the Unhold family regarding the 40 acres that were annexed into the City last year. We should hear from the family by next month.


Economic Development Advisor Denny Rewerts reported: We have an Ordinance in response to John and Leslie Bowsers TIF 1 application for loans and grants to remodel and beautify the building (The Refined Home). This was discussed at our last City Council Meeting. This is an Ordinance Approving and Authorizing the Execution of a TIF Redevelopment Agreement by and Between the City of Wyoming and The Refined Home, LLC. The motion was made by Ald. Hardman to accept this Ordinance No. 21/22-2. The motion was seconded by Ald. Mercer. Roll call votes all ayes and the motion carried.

We also received a TIF 2 application from the Wyoming Monument for a grant to help with replacing their roof. The motion was made by Ald. Hardy to approve the amount recommended by the Finance Committee for TIF 2 funds. The motion was seconded by Ald. Lindahl. Roll call votes all ayes and the motion carried.   

Superintendent Joe Kinsella reported working on sidewalks, trees, and replacing meters.

Water and Sewer Manager Greg McCauley – reported that both sludge return pumps went down the same week. He has ordered one new one for $5,000.00 and plans to rebuild the other one. 


Chief of Police, Mark James reported he had 37 calls, 2 assists, 2 arrests, and 8 traffic stops.

He also informed the Council that the Tahoe needs to be replaced. He checked into a Dodge Charger and was quoted all-wheel drive could cost between $30,000.00 and $32,000.00 and rear wheel drive between $28,000.00 and $30,000.00.  A Tahoe SUV with everything is $40,000.00 and only one on the lot. Lead times are several months out. The council and Mayor requested he put a hold on the Chevy Tahoe if possible and the Council will vote on it at our next meeting.


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Minutes from 07/12/2021


Mayor Maher reported: 

The storage building ordered from Diamond Buildings will be delivered July 13, 2021.

He informed the Council that FMC, Corp. will be donating $10,000.00 to the City of Wyoming for playground equipment. The focus will be on the smaller children in Thomas Park. There were a few ideas given and it was determined that the Parks and Trees Committee should come up with a few options with quotes and present the Council with their suggestions. The City will add funds to this project as needed. The Council also mentioned that the wood ship in Duryea Park needs to be worked on. 

Chamlin & Associates requested the Council review the preliminary City Corporate Boundary Map to see if there is anything missing or if they would like to make any changes. Denny Rewerts displayed the map on the big screen for the council to review. Ald. Hardy didn’t think some of the homes on the north edge of the City were in City limits. The map is showing they are. The Mayor will find out the answer to that question. Everything else looks accurate. 


Alderperson’s report

Ald. Mercer questioned the signs around town with profanity, or that imply a profane word, on them.  Isn’t there a City Ordinance against that? The Mayor requested Mike Evans look into that and report back to the Council.


Ald. Hardman reported that all interior walls were up that can be at this time in the new concession building at the North Park ball diamond. The next step is to insulate. 


Ald. Lindahl made a motion to go into Executive Session on the topic of Personnel. The motion was seconded by Ald. Hardman.  Voice votes all ayes and the session started at 7:35 p.m. A motion was made by Ald. Hardman to go back into Regular Session at 7:36 p.m. The motion was seconded by Ald. Mercer. Voice votes all ayes and the Regular Session started at 7:36 p.m.


Ald. Hardman made the motion to give each of the full-time employees a 2% annual increase. The motion was seconded by Ald. Hardy. Roll call vote all ayes and the motion was carried.


Motion to Adjourn was made by Ald. Hardy and seconded by Ald. Mercer. Voice votes all ayes and the meeting adjourned at 7:41 p.m.


Minutes submitted by

Diane Baker, City Clerk     


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 Minutes from 07/12/2021