City Council Special Meeting Agenda 

for August 9, 2021


1) Pledge of allegiants to the flag.

2)        Roll Call

3) Public Discussion, Visitors’ comments – By Council Policy, a person wishing to address the council will be recognized by the Mayor. It is asking, that if possible, a person wishing to address the council notify City Hall or council prior to the meeting.  The topic to be addressed should be given. A person addressing the council will be allowed a maximum of five minutes.

4) Approval of City Council Regular Minutes from July 12, 2021 and City Council Special Minutes from July 26, 2021.

5) Treasurer’s Report and Bills

6) City Clerk Diane Baker announcing Ald. Mercer’s Disclosure of TIF 2 Conflict of Interest. 

7) City Engineer Josh Brown’s Report

 8) Economic Development Advisor Denny Rewerts

1)  Council Approval of Ordinance No. 21/22-4 Approving and Authorizing the 

     Execution of TIF 2 Redevelopment Agreement Between the City of Wyoming and 

     Wyoming Monument Co., Inc.

2)  Update on Bo/Gar TIF 2 Beautification Application.

9) Superintendent Joe Kinsella  

10) Water & Sewer Manager Greg McCauley

11) Police Chief Mark James

1) update on Police vehicle search – possible Council vote on this

12) Mayor’s report 

  1. a)  Assign Committees: Finance, TIF, Parks & Trees, Streets & Alleys, 

     Water & Sewer, Police, and Economic Development, History Arts Board

13) Aldermen report

14) Adjourn

Possible action may be taken on all issues listed above.

“This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.”