The Regular Council Meeting was called to order by Mayor Pat Maher at 6:01 p.m. The group in attendance pledged their Allegiance to the Flag. The Wyoming, Illinois City Council met Tuesday, November 9, 2021 at the Paramount Theater located at 104 S.
7th Street, Wyoming IL.

Mayor Maher was presiding with Alderwomen Ginger Carlisle and Kathy Hardy of the First Ward, and Aldermen Daniel Hardman and Steve Hansard of the Third Ward, all present. Aldermen Dave Lindahl and Jim Mercer of the Second Ward were absent. Minutes from the October 11 , 2021 Regular Session Council Meeting were reviewed. The motion to approve the minutes was made by Ald. Carlisle, and seconded by Ald. Hansard. Voice votes all ayes and the motion carried.

The Treasurer’s Report and Bills were reviewed. The Treasurer’s Report showed a General Operation and CDs balance of $2,329,454.69. The motion was made by Ald. Hardman to authorize Treasurer Lisa Evans to pay all the bills listed on the City of Wyoming Board Listing dated11/9/2021 and the other bills that were submitted the night of the meeting, exluding the Mid Century bill dated 11/01/21 for $872.37. They were, Ag View FS, INC statement dated 10/31/21 for $987.40, O’Reilly invoice 1143 477760 dated 10/15/21 for $109.61, O’Reilly invoice 1143-477769 dated 10/15/21 for $7.19, The Prairie News invoice 45567 dated 11/05/21 for $22.00, and Wigand Disposal invoice 510354 dated 11/01/21 for $92.50. The motion was seconded by Ald. Hardy. Roll call votes all ayes and the motion carried.

Treasurer Lisa Evans also presented a renewal alternative quote from Hediger & Meyers for Dental, Life, and Short Term Disability Insurance. The City currently has United Healthcare, however, Principal Financial Insurance quoted the same benefits at a
much lower premium cost. Dental (-29.92%) Life (-8.67%) Short Term Disablility (-17.25%) Ald. Hardman stated that they have used Principal Financial in the past and they didn’t have any problems with them. The motion was made by Ald. Hardman to accept the Principal Financial quote. The motion was seconded by Ald. Carlisle. Roll call vote all ayes and the motion carried.

Public Discussion: Tammy Wilkinson updated the Council that she has received the deed for the property at 408 N. Main Street. The City has a lien on the property and she would like to know how to proceed. Tammy informed Atty. Raver that the property has been abandoned for several years and is overgrown and she plans to clean it up and eventually burn down the house. She gave him a copy of the document showing she had the winning bid on the property along with a copy of the deed. Atty. Raver will consult with the city and have them get back to her.

Engineer Josh Brown with the Farnsworth Group: reported having a discussion with
Water and Sewer Manager, Greg McCauley regarding some potential extra needs at the
WWTP that were not originally proposed at the start of the project. He suggested having a meeting with the Water and Sewer Committee regarding these issues. The biggest need is a leaking roof replaced on the building. If we can add that into the project loan it might be worth having a meeting.

Josh had one of his vendors meet with Greg at the WWTP to look at the flow meters. They sent a quote to replace the meters. Joe Kinsella informed Josh that Porter Brothers have not come yet to sweep the City streets. Josh will contact them for a firm date.

City Attorney Justin Raver informed the Council that the Annual Tax Levy needs to be submitted to the County in December. The Finance Committee needs to determine the figures based on reviewing current Equalized Assessed Values (EAV’s), the budget and the needs of the community. Once the Committee has their figures they will send the information to Atty. Raver to draft the Tax Levy Ordinance to be voted on prior to the next Council Meeting. He also asked the City Clerk, Diane Baker, to provide him with the last three years of Tax Levy Ordinances to see how they were done.

Joe Kinsella asked Atty. Raver if he could clarify who is responsible for removing trees along a state highway on property between the city sidewalk and the street. He stated that the city has a right-of-way through that area but the owner is responsible for property from the sidewalk to the street. The State would only remove or trim trees along a state route in the city if they became intrusive. Diane mentioned a local church requested the City remove 2 dead trees in front of the church between the sidewalk and 7th street (State route 91). IDOT had told them the city is responsible. Atty. Raver restated that the owner is responsible, however suggested the city contact them and discuss the situation.

The mayor stated that the city will review the situation in the Spring. Economic Development Advisor Denny Rewerts updated the Council on the marketing project that the Stark Council Continuing Improvements (SCCI) group is planning. They interviewed a videographer to make 6 small segments to promoting the towns and communities in Stark County. These segments will be on TV, Facebook, etc. They had a meeting to discuss the money needed to be raised for this project. There were 5 companies and the City of Toulon who donated $1000.00 each at the meeting. Denny stated that the City of Wyoming will benefit greatly from this tourism marketing project and asked for a donation of $1000.00 from the City. Ald. Hardy made the motion to donate $1000.00 to SCCI for this project. The motion was seconded by Ald. Hansard. Roll call votes all ayes and the motion carried.

Superintendent Joe Kinsella presented the Council with three different quotes to replace the City’s current 2017 Case skid steer.
1) German Bliss 2021 Kubota model SSV75 3yr full warranty, trade in price $20,600.00
2) Birkey’s 2022 Case model SV280B 4yr full extended warranty, trade in price $26,140.00
3) Martin Equipment 2022 JD model 324G 2yr full warranty, 5yr power train, trade in price $28,495.00 Joe said the equipment that the city uses is compatible with the Case model quoted by Birkey’s.
The motion was made by Ald. Hansard to accept the bid from Birkey’s for a 2022 Case skid steer for $26,140.00. The motion was seconded by Ald. Hardman. Roll call votes all ayes and the motion carried.
Joe stated that he needs additional bids for the mower before we discuss and vote on it. He will have them for our next regular meeting. He also presented an estimate from Potter & Sons Blacktopping to mill and asphalt a very bad crossing section on Monroe St. and 7th St and a section of N. 6th St. The estimate was $12,000.00. This was just to give the city an idea of what it would cost. He will have to get a new quotes next year for the Council to discuss and vote on.

Greg McCauley, Manager of the R/O and Wastewater Treatment Plant informed the Council that the 1973 John Deere tractor needs to be looked at. It doesn’t start most of the time. He received a quote for the two flow meters at the WWTP totaling $20,000.00. This includes running the lines into the building and other equipment needed for these meters. At this time he has been estimating flow. He will have another quote by next council meeting. Greg has talked to Jeff Anderson at Water Surplus who will be quoting the R/O membranes which they have in stock. The current membranes are 8 years old. He will have the quotes for the next Council Meeting.

Mayor Maher presented H&H Industries, Inc. through Ameren Illinois quotes to replace current lighting with energy efficient lighting at the Water Department and the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Ameren has an incentive program right now.
1) The Water Plant quote is $355.00
2) The WWTP quote is $1,645.00
The motion was made by Ald. Hardy to accept both quotes from H&H Industries through Ameren Illinois for the replacement of lighting at the Water Plant and the WWTP. The motion was seconded by Ald. Hansard. Roll call votes all ayes and the motion carried. The Mayor will contact H&H Industries and sign the documents to proceed.

Chief of Police Mark James reported 23 calls, 3 Traffic Stops, 2 Assists, and 1 Arrest. He is still waiting on equipment to arrive for the new squad car. Part time Officer Ken McMillion has backed out of the full-time postition for personal reasons. He will remain part time. Chief James will be interviewing a person for the full time Officer position on Friday, November 12th.

He updated the Council on the nuisance property at 207 E. Williams. The owner has cleaned up some of the property and removed two old cars but needs to work on the trees and overgrown areas.. He has until November 16th to finish the clean up. He will remind the owner of the deadline.

Alderperson’s Report:
Ald. Hardman put up Christmas decorations last night and had to purchase more lights totaling $400.00. Ald. Hansard said there is confusion with the signs uptown along the east side of N. 7th Street, that say “Business Parking Only”. People are asking if they are allowed to park there or not. Mayor Maher agreed the city needs to change the wording to be more clear. The reason the signs came about is due to the businesses opened on Sundays were concerned about parking for their customers. To clarify the signs Atty. Raver suggested changing the signs to read “Customer Parking Only”. The Mayor agreed to proceed with ordering the new signs.

Motion to Adjourn was made by Ald. Hansard and seconded by Ald. Hardman. Voice votes all ayes and the meeting adjourned at 7:28 p.m.

Minutes submitted by,

Diane Baker
City Clerk